6 Tools to Always Have in Your Car

Pocket Aid

Whether it's a flat tire, medical emergency, or you run out of gas, We are giving you a list of possibly the six most important tools to always have in your car. This list was selected based on a tools adaptability and usability in different situations. We wanted to make sure that it was a tool that could survive the elements and also not be too bulky to always keep in the trunk of your car.

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The Top 6 Tools

Alright, so you found yourself in some predicament where either your car isn't working, or you don't have the ability to keep your car moving. While these seem like two entirely different scenarios, we wanted to make sure we covered both mechanical and medical emergencies. Without further ado, here are the top 6 most important tools to always have in your car!

  1. First aid kit: For one of the most cost-efficient, long-lasting tools to keep in your car, be sure to always have a first aid kit. It could literally save your life. A first aid kit can give you precious time before roadside assistance or medical assistance is able to help you.
  2. Lights: Whether it's a flashlight, some flares, a reflective triangle, or a lantern, you need to be visible on the road to prevent any collisions from happening. Alternatively, a light is a great way for you to signal to other drivers on the road that you need assistance.
  3. Multi-head screwdriver and wrench: You want to have a mechanical tool that can assist you in removing a tire or doing very minor repairs. It needs to be reliable, so don't skimp out on the price.
  4. Shovel: Depending on the terrain you are driving in, a shovel can get you out of a variety of different situations. Whether you high-sided in a ditch or you can't find traction in a sandy bank, a shovel can help you in many situations. Some folks have trench shovels that are foldable, while others opt for a full-size steel shovel. No matter which kind of shovel you opt for, keep it in your car and don't leave it at a campsite.
  5. Jumper cables: Don't rely on a Good Samaritan to have jumper cables in their car if your battery dies. Be proactive and carry a set of cables so you don't have to freeze on the side of the road in the dead of winter.
  6. Snow brush/ice scraper: This ultimately depends on whether you will be in cold weather. If you are planning to be in an environment that has cold temperatures, be sure to pack this handy tool. Often times it'll be a brush with an ice scraper on the end of it.

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